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by technology companies which have seen stock prices jump as sales of gadget hit record highs. where does that leave you financially? potentially in good shape if you've invested in your offices 401(k) plan, pre-tax dollars taken out of your paycheck. i know, in start-up drenched silicon valley, retirement plans are about the least sexy thing we can possibly talk about. >> most of the folks are probably just trying to focus on survival, not making sure their nest is feathered. >> david mcclure is the founding partner of the 500 startup focusing on building small businesses. but he's also been part of big companies like ebay. he has a 401(k) of his own and it's up too. >> i do look at those things as sort of important in the long run and i'm a little older so i have to care about that more. i have a wife and two kids. >> 401(k) plans are also on the mind of victoria, ceo and founder of grid dynamics, we found her recruiting at the russian innovation conference. >> companies like pal, yahoo! are all of our clients. >> one of the benefits her company offers, a 401(k) plan. >> pension plans a
on my technology. but i'm finding that the iphone, text is getting smaller and smaller and the ipad, i like to read in bed and it's a little too columnsy, and i drop it. so this is to me is the perfect size. >> smaller crowds for a smaller product but one these shopper just had to touch. >> all right, we will touch it here on set. there you go. that's the new smaller one and for comparison we brought this on set too, this is what used to be a small thin device and now, wow, it looks bigger. >> it does, you first look and say, it's not that a big difference but you put them next to each other, they are a big difference. >> if you have one of these, do you need one of these? one fits better in a purse and all the apps are transferrable and everything works the same. >> this is a day purse, this is an evening purse, you can go nowhere without your ipad. >> we are so spoiled. i like the 1 handed deal here. >> guess who will get the new ipad mini? probably has it in his back pocket right now. >> if i were you scott, take it to your desk right away. before someone disappears with it. >> it w
life. >> steve latour is a director of information technology. in hypercompetitive silicon valley, he's a hot commodity. but he's locked in at evernote, a growing software company with an amazing advantage. if you work here, they'll improve your commute guaranteed. >> my commute is about 40 miles. >> reporter: it used to take steve an hour and a half to get to work, now less than half that, thanks to the electric vehicle he drives, and his company that picked up the monthly check. >> if i can come to work and have a short commute it allows me to be more refreshed when i come to work rather than sitting in a car for two hours in each direction and that's made a huge difference. my quality of life and the atmosphere at work. >> reporter: evernote has a fleet of volts and chargers in its parking lot. if employees go electric, the company will pay the monthly lease fees for three years. >> here in the bay area, the electric vehicles are really starting to get popular and it's kind of a hub for people to start think about more sustainable ways of travel and commuting. >> their output is co
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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